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Chicken Breast Boneless


Premium, Tender and Juicy Breast-Boneless Cuts specially assorted for the Taste & Texture. 1 Kg consists of 14-18 pcs of homogeneous shape and sizes.

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About Chicken Boneless

Chicken is a Healthy Lean Meat with various health benefits. It is Packed with nutritional values like  Vitamin, Minerals and Protein. Chicken is easy to digest & thus very advantageous for your body. chicken promotes muscle growth, brain development, strengthens your bones, aids in weight loss and helps in a healthy heart.
Add-on Benefits of Legpiece Chicken:
• Free from antibiotic residue
• No Chemicals Used
• Not Frozen
Legpiece is our in-house brand of Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish and seafood. We take utmost care in selecting the best suppliers to provide you with high quality and succulent products. Every product is FRESH not frozen right until your doorstep ensuring freshness and utmost hygiene.
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buy chicken online in Dehradun with free home delivery. offers 100% fresh & best quality Chicken products online. Free Home Delivery in 90 Minutes only across Dehradun.
Our chickens come from curated farms. This is natural farming method and we control on the feeds of the animals.
All-natural environment ensures health and stress-free upbringing that eventually provides for high-grade quality meat.
Each bird is carefully checked and approved towards health and fitness for Human consumption.

500 gm, 1 kg

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